Thursday, February 27, 2020

God Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

God - Essay Example Here, premise 2 fails in the sense that all souls have a chance to know more about God since it is free and it is own choice to learn about him or not. All people are therefore in the position to go to heaven for they have the opportunity of choosing the good that God require of them despite their denominations. This is where we all stand a chance to deeply get the knowledge about the heavenly qualifications. Being a Christian for example, is not a guarantee ticket to heaven, one has to work hard by choosing and doing what is right which is mostly seen as what God desire of us. God thus exist and that is why we all can denote the good from the bad, wrong from right, as a belief for God helps us in choosing the good and moving from evil (Plantinga, 2009). For Christians, God is said to have intervened in various moments in the past according to the biblical point of view. During the Israelites exodus from Egypt, God first helped them by punishing pharaoh by sending plaques, which later led to their release. While crossing the red sea, in the desert where they faced many difficulties e.g. food shortages which he provided for them in form of manna from heaven (Plantinga, 2009). The Hindu family accepts the existence of God who is a creator. Having the law of karma, where they believe that most of human actions happen because they are being triggered by a supreme being. This god knows better about the humans helps them when they make mistakes and need assistance of picking up again. This karma is hence their only proof of Gods existence according to the Hindus. All this as much as they are different denominations, leads us to one point where all refer to ones faith God exist (Plantinga, 2009). In the other hand, the Muslims have faith in the existence of God because there was the revelation of their holy book the Qur’an which they believe to be the preexistence

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