Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Assertive Behavior: Your Perfect Right, a critical evaluation. :: English Literature

Assertive Behavior: Your Perfect Right, a critical evaluation. The name of this book is â€Å"Your Perfect Right† and it was written by Robert E. Albertini and Micheal L. Emmons both with Ph.D. from the Califronia Polytechnia State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. Both authors seem to be working in this book for several time because they have published several editions and had several printings of the book. Also, Robert E. Albertini and Micheal L. Emmons were Counseling Psychologist and Professors according to this third edition; in fact, in cooperation with other doctors from other universities such as New York University, University of North California, and University of Missouri they got pretty good contributions in the creation of this excellent book. The authors thanked to John Vasconcellos, who was memeber of the California State Legislature, for placing their work in the context of his educational and humanistics concerns and for his thoughtful foreword. The authors describe the reason why this book was written arguing the next point: We must begin to value and reward the assertions of each individual, acknowledging the right of self expression without fear or guilt, valuing the right to and opinion, and recognizing the unique contribution of each person. The preparation and knowledge of both authors are demostrated in the well developtment of the subjects and how they attempt to explain you what an assertive behavior is. The main propouse of this book is to instruct to the readers to develop a more choose appropriate and self-fulfilling responses in a variety of situations. As they defined in the book assertive behavior enables a person to act in his or her own best interest, to stand up for herself or himself without undue anxiety, to express honest feelings comfortably, or to exercise personal rigths without denying the right of others; for instance, this book is written for those who wish to develop a more enhancing personal existence on their own, and for those who will be instrumental in faciliting the personal growth of others. The book shows that research has shown that learning to make assertive responses will inhibit or weaken the anxiety previously expriences in specific interpersonal relationships; also, the fact to stand up for yourself and do things on your own initiative, can reduce appreciably anxiety or tenseness in key situations, and increase your sense of worth as a person. The book is divided in two parts: the first one explains you the differences between non-assertive, agressive and assertive behavior and gives you examples; also, they show you step by step how to adquire and assertive behavior in life. In the second part is designed to fill the need for a

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